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    2. Adenovirus Amplification, Large Scale


      • 目錄號: SL100704
      • 包裝: 2.0 ml (2x1010 ~ 5x1011 PFU/ml)

      Large Scale Amplification with Ad.MAX? System & 2xCsCl Purification:
      - Exceptional gene delivery efficiency (nearly 100%) for in vivo studies
      - No integration into host genome
      - Induce high-level transient protein expression.
      - Accommodate inserts of up to 8 kb.

      Service Description:
      1. Generation of high titer recombinant adenoviral stocks in ~4000 cm2 of Ad.MAX? 293 cells.
      2. 2xCsCl ultracentrifuge for highly purified adenovirus.
      3. Adenovirus PFU titration.

      Required Materials: Customer provide adenovirus vector or select our pre-packaged adenovirus vectors.

      Turnaround Time: 1 ~ 2 weeks.

      Deliverables: >2.0 ml (10x0.2 ml) super purified adenoviral particles (5x1012 to 5x1013 viral particles, equivalent to 5x1010-1x1012 PFU/ml)* adenovirus stock suitable for in vivo studies (animal injection).

      We offer discount for new customer, please request a quote with us today.

      * Final adenovirus yield may depend on the nature of transgene.


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