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              GenJet? In Vitro DNA Tranfection Kit for SMC

              價格: ¥1,680.00


              • 目錄號: SL100489-SMC
              • 包裝: 1 kit (2x1.0 ml)


              Contents Per Kit:
              1x1.0 ml of GenJet? DNA Transfection Reagent
              ● 1x1.0 ml (x50) of HapiCell? Transfection Toxicity Removal Cocktail

              GenJet? DNA In Vitro Tranfection Reagent for SMC is pre-optimized for transfecting smooth muscle cells. Smooth muscle cells are notoriously hard to transfect partly due to the transfection toxicity related cell death. In combination of our proprietary HapiCell? Toxicity Removal Cocktail, the pre-optimized transfection reagent gave up to 75% efficiency.

              Refer to the following optimal transfection conditions for maximal transfection efficiency on Hela c
              ells. GenJet? reagent, 1.0 ml, is sufficient for 300 to 600 transfections in 24 well plates or 50 to 100 transfections in 6 well plates.

              Summary of Optimal Transfection Conditions:
              Confluence on the day of transfection
              Cell culture conditions
              GenJet? (μl) : DNA (μg) Ratio
              Diluent for DNA and Transfection Reagent

              Incubation Time to Form GenJet?/DNA Complex
              Presence of Serum/Antibiotics during Transfection
              Change Medium After Transfection
              Treatment with HapiCell? Toxicity Removal Cocktail
              Maximal Efficiency

              Transfection Results:
              Reporter Gene

              Efficiency (GFP %)

              DMEM with 4.5 g/L glucose, 10% FBS

              Serum-free DMEM with 4.5 g/L glucose

              15 minutes at RT
              Yes, ~5 Hours After Transfection
              Yes, ~5 Hours After Transfection Followed by PBS Wash
              48 hours

              pEGFP-N3 (CMV promoter)


              Storage Condition
              Store at 4 °C. If stored properly, the product is stable for 12 months or longer

              Data Sheet

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